If you drive - drive economically

Gas hybrid car

The teaching car is a Skoda Kamiq gas hybrid with a manual transmission. A gas car is a more environmentally friendly option than a petrol or diesel car. Greenhouse gas emissions during the life cycle of natural gas are about 25% lower than gasoline. Biogas emissions, on the other hand, are up to 85% lower than gasoline emissions.

At the Seinäjoki Gasum gas station I always refuel biogas.

No premises

Outokoulu has no premises. This saves lighting and heating energy. The goal is to teach mainly in the car. I don't need premises to hold theory classes, because EAS and risk theory classes are online classes. I only teach with a car, so I only need space to store the car. I take care of the company's paperwork at kichen table.


ecological driving

The way you drive can affect fuel consumption by 5% to 15%. At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions also decrease. Economical driving style increases safety and travel comfort. The driving time may not increase at all. The need for car maintenance also decreases. 

Economical driving style is always taken into consideration in teaching at Outokoulu. Separate economical driving course is available as well.