Exchanging Foreign driving licence to Finnish one

It is not rocket science

Exchanging driving licence

Process how foreign driving licence is exchanged to Finnish driving licence depends on the country issued the licence. There exists three possible scenarios how B-licence can be exchanged:

  • your driving licence can be exchanged to Finnish driving licence without exam
  • you need to pass theory and driving exam
  • you need to take all mandatory lessons and pass theory and driving exam

Outokoulu can help you for exchanging your foreign driving licence to Finnish driving licence. We can go together to Ajovarma office to clarify how your driving licence can be exchanged. This will not cause cost to you. Then we will both know what is required and we can plan how to go forward. You are free to select needed lessons from some other driving school.

Fill the form below to apply for licence exchange. I will contact you and we can schedule when to go to Ajovarma office.

From Traficom web site you find more details.

Outokoulu has no premises. You can register for the course using the attached form or send the registration via WhatsApp, text message or email. I'll send you a message and we'll agree on the first driving lesson.
If you have any questions, the best way to get in touch is by message or email. I will not answer the phone during the driving lesson. I'll call you back later when I'm no longer teaching. 

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