Finnish driving licence already in the pocket

Repetition, teaching and encouragement

Even a driver with a valid driving licence can come to driving school.

Do you want to improve your driving skills? It is possible to develop into a safer driver. There is no such thing as a perfect driver, everyone makes mistakes in traffic.

A good attitude is that you want to learn new things. Outokoulu is happy to help with matters related to driving.

Examples of driving challenges for Finnish driving licence owner are attached. The content of the driving lesson is agreed together. Feel free to contact me!

Driving challenges

I haven't driven, even though I have a driving license

An initial level evaluation driving lesson, based on which the means to fix the issue will be planned together

0 €

Does Ruukintie have two lanes?

Two driving lessons for sketching driving lines

90 €


How do I figure out my turn at an intersection?

Two driving lessons on the give-way rules

90 €

It would be nice to know how to park somewhere other than the standard spot

Two driving lessons learning to park in different parking areas

90 €

Ramps are tricky

Two driving lessons with acceleration and deceleration lanes

90 €


When I have to give way to light traffic?

Two hours of driving taking light traffic into account

90 €

How do I save on fuel costs?

Two driving lessons of learning economical driving

90 €

Outokoulu has no premises. You can register for the course using the attached form or send the registration via WhatsApp, text message or email. I'll send you a message and we'll agree on the first driving lesson.
If you have any questions, the best way to get in touch is by message or email. I will not answer the phone during the driving lesson. I'll call you back later when I'm no longer teaching. 

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