Weird school and teacher

The idea of weird school

Outokoulu means literally Weird School. It is weird because of fixed price. There is no charge for additional education. Teaching is given as much as is needed. So much that I dare to let you off my hands into the traffic.

At Outokoulu you don't have to come to the driving school, the school comes to you and even returns you back. You are fetched to driving lesson from home, school, workplace or any agreed place (but not from the middle of nowhere, Ritu decides).

You don't have to remember to take money with you to the theory or driving test or to the slippery track. Let's wave the Outokoulu card cool

Outokoulu wants you to manage in varying traffic conditions as a responsible driver.

Outokoulu does not belong to any chain, but is a one-woman local company.