Passenger car driving licence


No pain - no gain

Fixed price for B-driving licence

Attending a driving test sometimes resembles a lottery. We go there to see if we can pass the driving test. After rejection, the lottery will be drawn again the following week without additional teaching.

A fixed price means no lottery. Before the test, you can practice driving a sufficient amount without additional cost. If, despite hard training, the driving test is rejected, you will drive more without a new invoice.

According to the law, at least 14 driving hours (including 4 driving hours of risk course) must be completed before the test. Outokoulu always has at least 19 driving hours, more if necessary. One of the driving lessons is on a simulator.

The risks of slippery driving are recognized in Jalasjärvi on the South Ostrobothnia driving training track. The risks of driving in the dark are familiarized with the simulator.



EAS is acronym for holder of first driving licence. It means 4 theory lessons which are mandatory. 



RTK is acronym for risk course. It includes 4 theory lessons and 4 driving lessons (highway, city, slippery and dark).

Learning environment

You will get the credentials for the learning environment online. There you will find material and practice tasks for the theory test.


When studying, you can use the driving school textbook or just as well the electronic version in the learning environment.

Fixed course fee

B-licence fee 1500€

Fixed price include

  • Textbook and theory test practice online
  • 4 EAS theory lessons online
  • 4 risk course theory lessons online
  • 4 extra self study materials in pdf-format (driving in junctions, driving in urban areas, driving in motorways, information about theory exam)
  • At least 19 driving lessons before the driving test, of which 1 (dark driving) on ​​a simulator
  • Additional driving lessons required
  • Use of the car in the driving exam(s)
  • Driving licence permit fee to Ajovarma
  • 1st theory exam fee to Ajovarma
  • 1st driving exam fee to Ajovarma
  • Slippery track fee to track company

Price total 1500 €
Note! Price includes mandatory fees 253 €

Other possible fees

  • Passport photos if necessary
  • Medical certificate, if necessary
  • Theory exam reneval 40 € / time to Ajovarma
  • Driving exam reneval 99 € / time to Ajovarma

Outokoulu has no premises. You can register for the course using the attached form or send the registration via WhatsApp, text message or email. I'll send you a message and we'll agree on the first driving lesson.
If you have any questions, the best way to get in touch is by message or email. I will not answer the phone during the driving lesson. I'll call you back later when I'm no longer teaching. 

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I want a free sample lesson. What should I do ?

Send a message with the form above and we will arrange a time and place.

When does the courses start ?

There is no common starting point for the course. Register as a student with the form above, and we will agree where and when to meet.

How to register a student ?

Fill in the form above and send it. Or you can send a WhatsApp message or SMS or email.

Where theory lessons take place ?

EAS and Risk theory lessons are online in the net. You will get address from Ritu. You can attend classes according to your own schedule. 

How long lessons last ?

Driving lesson is 50 minutes. Theory lesson is 45 minutes. Two lessons can be combined together in the row. 

Can I pay the driving school fee in installments ?

You can pay the driving school fees in one, two or three installments. All parts must be paid for before taking the driving test.